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Slate and Tile Roofing

ELC Roofing are specialists in Slate Roofing works to new builds, listed and heritage properties. With many different types of slates to choose from we will endeavour to find the right slate for your property.

Laying slates to a roof isn’t as simple as just putting them on, first of all we must ensure the roof has the correct amount pitch to it. Like all roofing products slates can only be laid on roofs with a certain amount of degrees. If there is not enough pitch to a roof, there are many other products available to overcome this issue.

Slates vary in price depending on whether you would like natural slate or fibre cement slate, which is a man-made product. Natural Slates have rougher edges to them, whereas man-made slates have very straight edges. We also use Welsh slates which benefit from a number of highly practical properties that make it an exceptional roofing slate. It is the most durable slate in the world with a useful and productive life. They are waterproof and unaffected by normal extremes of temperature, highly resistant to acids, alkalis and other chemicals and is non-fading, even in UV light.

Travelling across the whole of East Anglia, we have noticed that certain counties tend to gravitate towards certain slates.

At ELC Roofing our highly experienced staff have many years of combined experience in laying slate roofs, and we believe we are second to none when it comes to slate roofing.

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